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I'm from West Virginia but moved to Myrtle Beach, SC about 2 years ago.  There isn't much wheeling close by, just mudholes running along the powerlines.  I plan on going to Uwharrie in North Carolina when it cools off some.  I got my Golden Hawk 4 years ago, right after my son was born so I would have something to tinker with in my free time.  It was a salvage due to a fire after it was rear-ended at a stop light. For some reason the gas tank burst into flames. I found it on e-bay because I was looking for some kind of Jeep project, and it was only 15 miles from my house.  I went and looked at it and it was "love at first sight", even though it was in pretty bad shape.  The guy I got it from had got it running good enough to use it for wheeling on his farm.  He didn't know much about Jeeps or wheeling though.  It had massive homemade lift shackles, and the front shocks were snapped in two because they were two short.  A replacement gas tank was sitting in the back of the jeep with a hose ran all the way to the fuel pump. And it had been sitting in his field for 3 years with flat tires. He thought the engine was blown because it wouldn't crank anymore. The body and interior were in surprisingly good shape. And the odometer only showed 80,000. Anyway $600 and she was all mine.  I pulled it home, got a new battery and starter relay, and it fired right up first crank. Long story short, I replace and rebuilt enough stuff to get a remanufactured title, passed state inspection, and started driving it.  The short, short list of stuff I've done is 3" Rough Country lift, 35" mud terrains, rebuilt the carb, took off the fender flares and fabricated rear wheelwells, and changed just about every else part. The rear axle already had some sort of lunchbox locker. I have really enjoyed every minute of it.  Anyway I've got to get going, so I'll send some more pics later on. 
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