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The following is from the owner...

1980 Jeep CJ7 *Golden Hawk* - $5000 (Manitou Springs)

This is a 1980 Jeep CJ7, and in great condition! Overall the Jeep is great. Minimum rust and little body damage. The engine runs like a charm and has worked well as my primary vehicle. This is a "Golden Hawk" edition, CJ 7. These Jeeps were only implemented on the CJ7 model and only in 1980. I have heard rumors that only 800 of these were made, so it is a collector's vehicle. It's a 258, Inline 6 (I6) in great running condition. My dad and I have worked extremely hard to keep it that way! It has a long list of giving fix-ups and new improvements... New Weber Carburetor New Autolite Battery New Fram Fuel Filter New Shocks (4) All New Brake System (Front calipers, pads, master cylinder, drums, disks, hub-cylinder) New Rotor, Rotor car, Rotor plugs, and spark plugs. New Exhaust Manifold New Manifold Gasket Newly painted Instrument panel New Headlights New Front Bumper New Safety Lights New Instrument Lights New Taillights New Spare tire carrier Newly painted tailgate New Pioneer Speakers (4) New Pioneer Amplifier New Starter New Clock New Locking Center Console New 3-Point seat-belts Recently ALL the oils have been changed. This is a great car and runs fantastic for being 29 years old. It would be a great vehicle to restore or keep driving as is. I love this car and have spent countless hours and days cleaning and doing fix-ups but I have to sell it for financial reasons. It is a really great fun car! Here are some more photos....